Cookware by brand

In common with many people, I suspect, our current cookware will not work on an induction cooktop. Before deciding on any replacements I tried a search by brand for 'induction cooktop' compatible cookware. The table below shows the results of what I found from I used that site as a first place to search because the site allows you to specifically filter for induction compatible.

Brand Saucepans (and sets) Saute and Frying Sauce and stock pots Griddles Paella or wok
Le Creuset Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
iittala Yes Yes Yes --- Yes
World Cuisine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Berndes Yes Yes Yes --- ---
Circulon Yes Yes Yes --- ---
Viking Yes Yes Yes --- ---
Vollrath Yes Yes Yes --- Yes
Kitchenaid Yes Yes --- --- ---
Mauviel Yes Yes Yes --- ---
Demeyere --- Yes --- Yes Yes
Frieling --- Yes Yes --- ---
Gourmet Standard --- Yes --- --- Yes
Kinetic Yes Yes --- --- ---
Rosle Yes Yes --- --- ---
Faberware --- Yes --- --- ---
Supentown --- Yes --- --- ---
Universal Housewares --- Yes --- --- ---

Based on the search described above the following brands do not, at the time of writing, have induction compatible cookware: Anolon, Aroma, Bayou Classic, Brazil on my Mind, Calphalon, Concept Housewares, Danico, EKCO, Emerilware by All Clad, Fagor, French Home Gourmet, Gordon Ramsay, Grillpro, John Wright, Magnalite Cookware, NapaStyle, Nordicware, Piral, Rachael Ray, Renaissance, Revere Cookware, SilverStone, Swiss Diamond, T-fal

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